Do you, your child, or a loved one suffer from:

Stress or anxiety

Panic attacks

Insomnia (sleeping issues)

Lack of energy

Worrying thoughts

A negging past experience that haunts your mind

Fear of being around others



OR, do you NOT suffer with any of the above, however, want to discover the true, astonishing power of your mind so you can unleash your true potential? 


If you answered, "YES" to any of the above, this presentation is for you!


How is this presentation going to help you? Watch below!

Tina from Australia says:

“I used to wake up night after night in cold sweats. My anxiety was so bad I would throw up. I had no where to turn and my relationship was in trouble because of my constant fear that something bad would happen. THEN, I heard about Jeremy’s work and read his book. It absolutely transformed my life.


The techniques, even though simple were so incredibly effective. I started to use them right away. I cannot put into words how liberated I now feel. I now get a full night sleep. I no longer throw up and my relationship has grown stronger than ever. Thank you, Jeremy!”

Adam from Canada says:

“I had no idea how to tame my negative thoughts. I have spent thousands of dollars in professional help. Nothing worked. Jeremy was in my city many times and I have never had the courage to go to the presentation. This time I finally said to myself, “I deserve this”. I have heard so many amazing things about his presentation. I have to say, at first I was skeptical.


However, after going to the presentation and doing what he told me to do my life has totally changed. I can control my negative thoughts. I no longer perform countless rituals. And I finally feel like I am in control again. You have no idea how thankful I am that I finally found the courage to go to this presentation.”

"It's incredible how Jeremy can take a topic like anxiety and turn it into a two hour presentation that will fly by! It's captivating, funny, educational and most importantly impactful! 

If you, someone you care about or your child suffers from stress, anxiety, OCD or depression then this presentation is an absolute MUST SEE!"

Dr. George Grant

Former Senior Health Consultant for Health Canada, the CDC and the FDA

In this transformational presentation you will discover...

  • how to turn off racing thoughts

  • how to fall asleep faster

  • how to reduce stress

  • how to reduce anxiety

  • how to regain your youthful energy

  • how to relax

  • how to calm your mind

  • how to NOT take things personally 

  • the "Cortisol OFF-Switch"

  • how Jeremy overcame OCD

  • the #1 substance you probably drink that causes anxiety

  • how to stop allowing things to overwhelm you

  • how to accept yourself and your past no matter how traumatic

Entertaining | Creative | Funny | Captivating | Impactful


Will I ever be put on the spot during this presentation?  

Never! Rest assured you can sit in the very front row without EVER having to worry about being put on the spot or being asked any questions.

How long is the presentation?  


Two hours.

What is the cost of this presentation?  


Regular price is $89. However, tickets are on sale for a limited time for only $39.99 for adults and $32.99 for students!



What is Jeremy’s Facebook Page and Instagram pages?


Facebook click here​.

Instagram click here.

Is there an intermission?  


No intermission. However, the presentation is super captivating and will keep you entertained!

Can my child go?  


We typically say this presentation is for the age 16+, however if your child has an interest and is below this age get them a ticket and take them along!


Who goes to these presentations?  


People who want to calm their mind and tons of people who don’t even have anxiety, however, want to discover how powerful their minds are. Also, there will be tons of people who are going to discover vital information on how to help those they love suffering with stress, anxiety or depression.

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After purchasing my ticket, if I am unable to attend can I give my ticket(s) to someone else?

Absolutely. No need to email us for us to change the name on the ticket. Just forward off your ticket(s) to your friend and have them take it along. 


How can I purchase tickets?

Simply scroll to the bottom of this page, choose your location and follow the steps. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Debit and Paypal.


It says below that Payments are processed through Paypal. Do I need a Paypal account to purchase tickets?

You certainly do NOT need a Paypal account to purchased tickets. This just means that Paypal is our payment processor. As you are probably aware Paypal is one of the safest ways to pay online!  


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Where can I purchase tickets to Jeremy's presentation?

This website is the absolutely ONLY place to purchase tickets to any of Jeremy's 2019 Newfoundland Tour locations.

If I want to purchase two or more tickets but not sure who I am going to take with me can I just fill out my name several times in the attendee fields?

You sure can! No need to ever update us on who you're bringing. 

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Will this help my child?

Jeremy has delivered his presentation at countless schools. On a regular basis he hears from parents and students about how much his presentation has helped. Sometimes he even hears that his presentation has actually saved the lives of many students suffering with severe anxiety or depression.

One question Jeremy is asked regularly is: "is my son/daughter too young for this presentation?" We tell parents/guardians that this presentation is designed for a 16+ audience, however, young audiences can attend.

However, the most important element of helping your child is to equip yourself with the education and tools to help your child. In this presentation you (the parent/guardian) will discover the tools that will enable you to teach your child in your own way how they can too calm their mind, stop racing thoughts, sleep better, stop taking things personally (such a huge issue nowadays), and accept themselves for who they are. 

No one knows their child better than their parent or guardian. That's why it is vital for the parent/guardian to attend so that they can teach their child in their own way the tools needed to help them reduce stress and anxiety. 

"I don't know what I would have done without this presentation. 

​ I was in such a dark place. This presentation helped me understand what anxiety really is. To say it was an eye opener is an understatement.​ This not only helped me, it saved my life."


- Grade 12 student


Having been diagnosed at a young age with a severe form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, and clinical depression, Jeremy knows first hand the effects of mental illness.

In 2006, Jeremy graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy.

In 2010, he published his first book, The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD. In this book, he exposed his life living with a severe form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and what he did to overcome a struggle most believed he could not. This self help book was published by Flanker Press and was released worldwide.

He has been speaking on the topic of stress and anxiety for over ten years and has produced three national and international television documentaries on the power of the mind. His work has given him the opportunity to share his message throughout Canada, the USA and the UK for tens of thousands of people.

Jeremy has been featured on many national and international television networks such as CTV, Global TV, Vision TV, CBC, TSN, and TSN2.

In 2011, he was selected to represent Canada during Mental Illness Awareness Week and because of his worldwide impact in the field of anxiety he was appointed, World Youth Ambassador by The World Organization of Natural Medicine in 2012.

Because of his contribution in the field of mental health he was awarded, Personality of the Year by The World Organization of Natural Medicine in 2013.

In 2014, he released his second book, The Solution: Learn How to Truly Beat Stress & Anxiety. This book was published by Motivational Press in Los Angeles and released worldwide.

His work in the mental health arena and his presentations have been endorsed by some of the most respected experts in the field as well as some of the cast of the hit book and movie, The Secret.

Did We Mention This Is NOT Your Run-Of-The-Mill Presentation?

There is a reason why Jeremy was appointed World Youth Ambassador & awarded Personality of the Year by The World Organization of Natural Medicine in 2012 and 2013. There is a reason why Jeremy’s live events sell out year after year. There is a reason why his online presence reaches millions of people around the world.

​Jeremy has spent years creating a presentation that not only changes lives but also entertains at the same time. We all had to sit in on a boring lecture that may be informative but didn’t quite capture our attention.

​Jeremy solved that problem by training with the best in the industry, spending years studying the art of captivation.

​Jeremy has created one of the most entertaining Power Point presentations on the topic, worldwide. Using pictures and videos to captivate every audience his presentation has his audience laughing, crying, pondering, and most importantly transformed.

​He will make you laugh, possibly shed some tears, entertain you, and most importantly send you home with the tools you need to calm your mind and transform your life.

Lisa from Toronto says:

“My son would not go to school any more. His anxiety was so bad he started to fail his courses, he stop socializing, and stopped doing everything he loved. I had no idea what to do. I felt so lost. I reached out to Jeremy and it was the best decision I have ever made. I went to Jeremy’s presentation and discovered what I needed to know to better understand what my son was going through. I now know how to get through to him.


I immediately started to teach him what I learned at the presentation. To my surprise he actually started to use some of the techniques. I can honestly say that my son is finally free from the agony he was suffering from. He is socializing again, going back to school, and is doing amazing! If you have a child suffering with anxiety you NEED to check out this presentation!”

Craig from Vancouver says:

“For years I have suffered with depression. I’ve tried everything and nothing worked. I had the opportunity to go see Jeremy present and I have to say it changed me. He explains the mind so well. His presentation is so entertaining and definitely NOT your typical presentation. I had no idea why I suffered with the stress I was suffering from that lead me to a life living with depression. I started to immediately use the techniques Jeremy talked about and I started to feel the difference in only a few days. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone suffering with stress, anxiety, or depression.”

"This 2 hour presentation helped me more than 10+ years of everything else I tried"

J. Cloutier


beat anxiety now.png
book 1.png
book 2.png

S. O'Reilly says:

"I felt so lost and didn't know what to do for my son. He stopped socializing, stopped studying, and started to give up doing the things he loved.

​Then his school was blessed to have Jeremy speak there. Within 60 minutes Jeremy was able to completely change his perception of anxiety. The 3 myths alone were enough to get him excited. Jeremy also shared his story of how he overcame a lot of the symptoms my son was going through.

​My son is doing so much better! He was actually excited to start doing the techniques he discovered. I am starting to get my boy back!"

A. Oliver says:

"Growing up I suffered with anxiety and depression. I had no way of getting rid of the pain that I would suffer with every single day. I was completely uneducated on the subject and felt I had nowhere to turn.​

​Year by year it got worse and all I could think about was how I was going to get through this. Then, I attended one of Jeremy's presentations. He put everything into perspective. I've heard a lot of great things about Jeremy's presentations, however I had no idea how much it would change my life. The day I attended Jeremy's presentation was the day I got my life back.

​I cannot put into words how happy I am that I can now sleep, stop my racing thoughts, and am in control of my mind. I have no idea what I would have done without this."


If you follow Jeremy's work you know that he presents around North America and each and every presentation sells out fairly quickly. Many people wait to get tickets thinking there will be tickets available close to the presentation date.


However, there are not!

Don't wait to get tickets as chances are you will be too late. Once tickets are sold out there is absolutely nothing we can do to get you in.

Secure your tickets below before this tour is sold out too! 

Regular ticket price: $89



ADULT: $39.99

STUDENT: $32.99


7pm - 9pm

Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Road

Approximately 400 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Marystown Hotel & Conference Centre

Approximately 150 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Clarenville Inn Conference Centre

Approximately 200 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Albatross Hotel

Approximately 200 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Mount Peyton Hotel

Approximately 200 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Greenwood Inn & Suites

Approximately 200 people in attendance

7pm - 9pm

Arts & Culture Centre (second stage)

Approximately 155 people in attendance

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not for diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of mental health conditions. 

For the treatment of any mental health condition or disease, or drug therapy, please consult your physician or other healthcare providers.


When you’re in a place in your life where you can make positive changes, the techniques Jeremy delivers on this website and in his presentations and books may help in reducing stress & anxiety.


Just like a broken bone can occur due to several reasons, stress and anxiety can occur for many different reasons. Biological issues, imbalances, trauma, and a multitude of different causes are directly related to how stress and anxiety can occur.


Jeremy's books, workshops, presentations etc. concentrates on two distinct causes; 1) negative racing thoughts and 2) how we react to particular stressful situations. 


This presentation also concentrates on how our thinking can play a role in helping shape our lives in a more positive manner. 


When dealing with anxiety or overwhelming stress, the first step should be reaching out for professional help (Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist, Counsellor, etc.). 

If the stress or anxiety that you experience is caused by how you typically react to situations or your negative thought patterns, the information on this website and in Jeremy's presentations/books may help.