1. 5 Common Mistakes People With Anxiety Make

    For people who live with anxiety, there is a large margin for error. After all, everyday life is full of different things that can worsen the symptoms of anxiety for those who are dealing with it and often those are not the easiest things to identify. While no one really wants to live with anxiety, …Read More

  2. The Worst Foods For You To Eat When You Are Suffering From Anxiety

    If you have been diagnosed with anxiety, it is likely that you know there are plenty of things that can contribute to your symptoms. Your healthcare provider has likely offered you plenty of different options when it comes to how you can naturally help you personal symptoms from occurring so often. …Read More

  3. 10 Reasons Stress & Anxiety Are Not The Same Thing

    There are plenty of misconceptions out there that surround what anxiety is and how people are supposed to deal with it. Additionally, there is also a lot of talk about how stress goes hand in hand with anxiety. That is to say, if you are experiencing anxiety, it is because of stress and vice versa. …Read More

  4. Will Marijuana Use Increase Or Decrease Stress and Anxiety?

    Many people ask for my opinion on marijuana…and this is my answer: First of all. The below is NOT referring to the use of marijuana medicinally to treat such illnesses as cancer, epilepsy, etc. I am strictly referring to smoking marijuana recreationally to simply get high. Society tends to only lo…Read More

  5. Don’t Allow “Them” To Get To You

    One of the biggest sources of mental pain that I hear about from people at my presentations and through email is the pain they endure because they take what others say about them personally. When we start to unfold why people act out with anger, jealousy, or judgement we can start to forgive and sta…Read More

  6. The Peace That Lives Within Us

    Inside us all is a peace. This peace is sometimes very difficult to experience because our minds are constantly thinking about bad things in the past or fearing what could happen in the future. Living in the past or future will inevitably create stress in your life and will train your eyes to focus …Read More

  7. Are People Judging You?

    One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the years is to be true to yourself. So many live with the pressures of society, their “friends”, family, and other traditional ideologies that they are directly and indirectly pressured into living. Not being your authentic self comes with consequ…Read More

  8. How To End An Argument Instantly

    There are two types of arguments. The first is an argument worth fighting over. For instance, if your partner has a bleeding forehead and you think they should go to the hospital to get it addressed but they don’t want to, well that is an argument worth fighting over because you know it’s for th…Read More

  9. Situations Cannot Cause Anxiety Or Stress

    There is a massive myth that has kept millions trapped in the grip of anxiety. That myth is that situations can cause you to experience anxiety or stress. Situations at best will trigger (not cause) your negative thoughts that will cause you to experience anxiety or stress by releasing adrenaline fr…Read More

  10. Sleeping Issues?

    One of the most frequent complaints I hear at my live presentations are problems associated with sleep. Although there are several reasons why you may not fall asleep when you want to racing thoughts are typically the reason why (at least for people who come to my presentations). When you are trying…Read More