There are plenty of misconceptions out there that surround what anxiety is and how people are supposed to deal with it. Additionally, there is also a lot of talk about how stress goes hand in hand with anxiety. That is to say, if you are experiencing anxiety, it is because of stress and vice versa. While it is understandable to think that the brain works this way, it is not actually accurate in any way at all. In fact, there are many differences between stress and anxiety that lead to them being identified and two entirely separate entities but mental health professionals. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety symptoms, it’s important that you understand what these difference are so that you can properly treat the symptoms of your anxiety. Continue reading below if you want to better understand the differences between anxiety and stress so that you can better understand yourself.

Anxiety is diagnosed

One of the main differences between anxiety and stress is that anxiety comes with a diagnosis. Stress is never diagnosed. Sure, your doctor may be able to tell you that you have symptoms that are related to stress. However, stress is not a mental illness or a medical condition at all, it’s a feeling of physical or emotional tension.

Anxiety is not a symptom that comes with stress

Some people think that they only get anxiety when things in their life are particularly stressful. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People who suffer from anxiety have entirely different symptoms than people who are stressed out and feel anxious as a result.

You can have anxiety without having stress

On that same note, many people do not know that you can have anxiety without any sort of stress triggers. In fact, you could lead your entire life without experiencing one stressful thing and you could still have anxiety.

You can be stressed and not have anxiety

On the other side of the coin, you can absolutely be stressed out and not experience anxiety at all. A great example of this is anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort. They might feel anxious from time to time but they may not have anxiety per say.

Everyone experiences stress from time to time

While our previous example of you being able to go your entire life without experiencing stress might sound ideal, it is not realistic. Every single person on the planet experienced stress at one point or another. Alternatively, not every single person on the planet knows what it feels like to experience anxiety.

“Being Anxious” is a feeling, anxiety isn’t

As we touched on previously, being anxious and having anxiety are not the same thing by any means. Being anxious is a normal response from your body when you are experiencing stress. Alternatively, as has been mentioned, anxiety is a diagnosis. It is a real mental illness that causes irrational fears, phobias, and a huge spike in the duration and regularity of anxious feelings, along with many other symptoms.

Anxiety comes with a feeling of impending doom

When you’re stressed, you may not be the very best mood but you certainly don’t feel like the world is collapsing around you. On the other hand, people who experience anxiety feel as though their lives could end at any moment when they are experiencing symptoms. This feeling of impending doom is one of the most common signs that you have anxiety and aren’t just stressed out.

Anxiety doesn’t leave just because a problem is resolved

Most of the time, stress is a result of external pressures. This is far different from anxiety. Anxiety can arrive at any time without any sort of reason at all. Stress also tends to lessen once the issue has been resolved. This is also not what happens when you are suffering from anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety continue long after the stress or worrisome situation has passed.

Anxiety causes panic attacks, stress doesn’t

People who have been diagnosed with anxiety will often have panic attacks when their illness gets to be more than they can handle. A person who is stressed out will not have a panic attack. They may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, but stress does not manifest in the form of a panic attack the same way anxiety does.

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