There are two types of arguments. The first is an argument worth fighting over. For instance, if your partner has a bleeding forehead and you think they should go to the hospital to get it addressed but they don’t want to, well that is an argument worth fighting over because you know it’s for the betterment of your partner.

However, if your are both arguing about something mundane and senseless there is an incredibly easy way to stop an argument instantly.

First of all, let’s examine what happens to you when you argue. When you are arguing your hypothalamus is triggering the release of adrenaline and cortisol from your adrenal glands in your kidneys to make you feel both the fight or flight response in addition to the side effects of anxiety.

In an argument the ego takes over and is craving that win because when you win an argument the ego celebrates because the ego feel superior because it knows something that the other person doesn’t know. Winning an argument may feel good, but it also inflates your ego and amplifies that craving to be right about everything. This leads to more stress when someone challenges your beliefs.

So, how do you end an argument instantly? It’s easy. While you are in the middle of an argument simply say three words, “you’re probably right”. Who will want to argue with you once you just agreed with them? No one. They only want to argue with you when you are defending your beliefs and are arguing back. But the second you allow them to win their ego is satisfied, but at the same time their “argumentative side of their ego” deflates.

Will it be difficult to agree with them? Yes, it will. Your ego will hate this. But it will save you so much stress and anxiety caused by senseless arguments. The more you practice this principal the easier it will become to use until it becomes second nature and easier to implement.

There are three things to remember here: First, start to use this technique even if you are 100% convinced that you are correct and they are wrong. This will become easier with practice. Second of all, start to implement this technique when you feel like your partner is on the verge of arguing with you. End it before it starts by saying these simple words, “you’re probably right”. Thirdly, once you start to implement this technique on a regular basis those who regularly would argue with you will start to back off because they know they are not going to get anywhere with it. Why would they argue with you when they know you won’t argue back.

Start this technique immediately and stick with it. It will be easier every time you use it.

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