One of the most frequent complaints I hear at my live presentations are problems associated with sleep. Although there are several reasons why you may not fall asleep when you want to racing thoughts are typically the reason why (at least for people who come to my presentations).

When you are trying to fall asleep and you start to have racing thoughts your brain goes into a defence state and triggers the release of adrenaline from your adrenal glands from your kidneys putting you into somewhat of a fight or flight response. Your heart beats a little faster, you may start to sweat a little, etc. It will be incredibly difficult trying to fall asleep when you’re experiencing even the smallest level of the fight or flight response.

We have on average about 60 000 thoughts a day. The magic happens when you start to calm your mind throughout the day. If you’re constantly thinking about bad things that happened to you in the past or fearing what could happen in the future you are forcing your body to experience the fight or flight response and in return you are going to experience the symptoms of anxiety.

One amazing technique to help calm your mind in the nighttime is to make your day as unique and different as you possibly can. This may sound strange, however, it works. When you are doing the same thing day after day after day you give your ego (negative thoughts) the opportunity to take over your mind forcing you to think about bad things in the past and fear things in the future (both type of thoughts put you into the fight or flight response).

However, when you do things you are not used to doing every day you force yourself to become present because you have to pay attention to what’s going on in that moment, therefore you are not able to dwell on negative things in the past or fear what could potentially happen in the future.

So when you start to do unique things in the day your mind is more at ease so that when you go to bed in the nighttime your bloodstream is not surging full of adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone).

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