Many people ask for my opinion on marijuana…and this is my answer:

First of all. The below is NOT referring to the use of marijuana medicinally to treat such illnesses as cancer, epilepsy, etc. I am strictly referring to smoking marijuana recreationally to simply get high.

Society tends to only look at the physiological effects of the substance and neglects to concentrate on the psychological effects in addition to the indirect physiological effects.

So let’s break it down: If a person is smoking marijuana to simply get high, continuous use of this substance for this reason will begin to rob nature’s ability to create resilience to help that person cope with future stressful situations.

In other words, in order for a person to build resilience (a thicker skin), coping skills, and ability to tackle future stressful situations effectively that person has to go through similar situations naturally to build an immunity to these types of stressors.

However, if someone continues to smoke marijuana every time they feel stress, the opportunity to build resilience will be terminated because the person is not taking advantage of the opportunity to create that resilience. So the next time the person is exposed to a stressful situation the person becomes less likely to effectively deal with the stressor because time after time the person has numbed the stress by relaxing with this substance.

If a person is continually relying on marijuana to instantly numb stress or anxiety this will inevitably lead to more stress and anxiety. Future stress and anxiety episodes will not be dealt with the way it could have been dealt with if the person faced these stressors naturally. Stress and anxiety will increase while coping mechanisms will decrease influencing that person to rely more heavily on “external numbing”.

Considering that continuous use of using marijuana in this way can lead to more stress and anxiety suffered by the user, we now must consider the physiological effects of stress. Stress doesn’t only affect a person psychologically and emotionally. Study after study has definitively proven that stress is linked to many diseases and will also exacerbate practically any physiological issue that the person is currently suffering with at the time including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, and the list goes on and on.

The use of marijuana medicinally may have great benefits. However, you may want to consider the effects of recreational use to simply get high.

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