For people who live with anxiety, there is a large margin for error. After all, everyday life is full of different things that can worsen the symptoms of anxiety for those who are dealing with it and often those are not the easiest things to identify. While no one really wants to live with anxiety, it seems that making decisions that will lead to having bouts of anxious feelings come pretty easy to most of those who have been diagnosed.

In fact, many people are strengthening their own anxiety disorder without having a clue the disservice they are doing to themselves. In this post, we are going to cover some of the most common things people do on a daily basis to worsen the symptoms of their anxiety and advise different actions that can be taken in order to make your day to day more peaceful and free of your anxiety disorder. Continue reading below to give yourself the knowledge you need in order to prevent these symptoms from presenting themselves more often than they should.

Bad Habit 1: Not Getting Enough Sleep

One of the most common habits that people who have anxiety share is the inability to go to bed at a reasonable hour. When you choose to stay up late, you are actually contributing to the things you experience because of your anxiety disorder. Sleep is an incredibly important tool when it comes to coping with stress, so when you allow yourself to get less sleep than you need, you are basically asking for stress to affect you in a more severe way than it otherwise would.

It could be that anxiety and stress are what is keeping you awake, and that means you need to find a way to keep these things from keeping you up against your will. Below are just a few suggestions:

Create A Boring Routine

Your mind is a big fan of boring routines whether you know it or not. If you can create a long, boring routine that is free of technology, you can likely calm your stresses and make falling asleep much easier for yourself. Try reading a book or taking a hot shower before bed to decompress.

Keep A Journal

When you have all kinds of thoughts racing through your mind, it is likely to prevent you from sleeping. Writing out these thoughts can really help you to calm your brain, making sleep easier since you are no longer obsessing over them.


If you can find a way to make your body truly tired, your energy levels will be so low that you won’t even have the ability to stress about the things you normally would. Exercise is a great way to wear your body and your brain out so that you can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Bad Habit 2: Using Stimulant Drugs

There are many stimulants that we take in throughout the day that we don’t anticipate will encourage our anxiety but actually do. When you consume things like caffeine, tobacco, and any hard illegal drugs, you are giving your anxiety ammunition.

While it is unclear if stimulants cause anxiety on their own, they certainly are known to make the symptoms much worse.

Bad Habit 3: Being Inactive

While exercise is known to help those who have trouble sleeping to get better rest, it is also known to decrease the overall symptoms of anxiety. Sure, your anxiety probably makes getting up off the couch feel unattainable, but knowing that you won’t feel as stressed or anxious after a workout should be enough motivation for you to make it happen. Find a way to overcome your inactivity…you can do it!

Bad Habit 4: Being The Victim

One of the most common destructive habits that people who have anxiety tend to indulge in is the mindset of being a victim. They view the anxiety as their abuser and themselves as the unwilling victim who can do nothing to change their circumstances. While it is absolutely true that anxiety can be debilitating, it is untrue that you are helpless to fix the problem.

When people have a victim mentality, they are most likely to do one thing and one thing only: mope. This is the equivalent of letting your anxiety win. If you feel that you are beginning to feel sorry for yourself, you have to fight it. Go outside, spend time with friends, schedule activities that excite you and always find ways to laugh.

Bad Habit 5: Having A Negative Mindset

Having a negative mindset is another thing that comes pretty easily to those who suffer from anxiety. After all, how are you supposed to maintain a positive outlook when it constantly seems as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders? The answer is to try. That is simply all you can do. This takes a good amount of commitment and a lot of holding yourself accountable. However, when you truly force yourself to stop overanalyzing and instead begin to be grateful for things in your life large and small, you truly can begin to transform yourself and the way your anxiety affects you.

A good way to begin the process is to spend an entire month faking positivity; even when you feel like screaming because something has truly unnerved you, simply smile, laugh, and pretend like everything’s just fine. While this might sound like it wouldn’t do much in the long term, you are actually training your brain to react to stressors in a new positive way…rendering you actually positive.

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