One of the biggest sources of mental pain that I hear about from people at my presentations and through email is the pain they endure because they take what others say about them personally.

When we start to unfold why people act out with anger, jealousy, or judgement we can start to forgive and start to heal.

Those who judge and hate for no reason are holding on to emotions that they have never let go. Those who spread rumours about you and find their days wanting to only concentrate on when you fall short of something and neglect to see all the amazing things you do are suffering inside.

Realize that when they contribute to this type of negative behaviour that they are suffering internally. If they lived a peaceful life they would not feel the need to hate, judge, ridicule, and contribute to other negative behaviour.

Stay strong and keep your chin held high.

Don’t allow the negativity of others to get to you.

You are stronger than you know.

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