• At Jeremy’s presentation will I ever be put on the spot?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! This would never happen under any circumstance! Imagine Jeremy’s presentation being like a movie at a movie theatre. You go in, sit down, and watch the incredible, life-transformational presentation.

  • Can my child go to Jeremy’s presentation?

    Yes, although it is geared more towards 16+ audience you can get your child a ticket if you think he/she will enjoy it.

  • If I buy a ticket to Jeremy’s presentation and can’t make it can I give my ticket to a friend?

    Absolutely! There are so many people who are dealing with the same issues of anxiety and stress as you are. We would encourage you to give a spare ticket to a friend if you are unable to make the presentation and it may end up being a life-altering experience for someone else.

  • How many people usually attend Jeremy’s presentations?

    On average approximately 200-500 people will attend Jeremy’s presentation. This, of course, depends on the size of the facility.

  • I am not able to make the presentation. Is there a product I can buy with the same info?

    There absolutely is! In fact, Jeremy’s newest product, Beat Anxiety & Stress Now has helped thousands take control of their minds. Click HERE for more info.