Train Your Eyes To See Business Opportunities That You Previously Missed

(Without Having To Invest Thousands Of Dollars In Research)

Can You See The Face In The Mountain?

It's called, pareidolia. Pareidolia is the phenomenon responsible for influencing people to see familiar patterns in everyday objects.

Why is pareidolia not only an important concept in business, but a crucial part? You see, there are a vast array of business opportunities constantly surrounding us but whether or not we see and are aware of those opportunities depends upon what we hold in our Reticular Activating System.

Train Your Eyes To See Business Opportunities That You Previously Missed

You Are Constantly Surrounded By Business Opportunities & Leads, So Why Can't You See Them?

It's called your, Reticular Activating System. Your RAS is responsible for what you take notice of around you. Your RAS is responsible for what you pay attention to, are attracted to, and ultimately what you continue to attract into your life, including business opportunities!

What happens when you buy a new car? You start to notice that model car everywhere! Why? Because you are always thinking about that model car and your RAS is actually training your brain to notice opportunities of similar energy.

This online resource is designed for Realtors, Restaurant owners, car salespeople, and entrepreneurs of any kind!

It's Startling To Realize How Many Opportunities Are Missed Because Of The Thoughts & Belief Patterns We Hold Inside Of Our Minds.

Condition Your Mind To See The Opportunities That You Are Missing

A Message From The Creator, Jeremy Bennett


As you now know, I am on the verge of releasing one of my pride possessions. It's an online resource that is two years in the making. I am calling it, The RAS In Business: The Prerequisite To Starting & Scaling Your Business.

This online resource is going to be comprised of 8 videos that the buyer can access 24/7 as many times as they wish. This resource is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are either starting up a business or for those entrepreneurs who want to scale their already established business.

In a nutshell, this resource will help entrepreneurs train or re-train their Reticular Activating System (see above) which will in return train their eyes to be more aware of business opportunities all around them. We all know that an entrepreneur with a great business idea is just not enough. That entrepreneur has to be in a position to be lazer focused and able to act upon opportunities that they previously were not aware of. 

As you probably know, all my online resources are extremely polished and produced not only to educate, but to also entertain and captivate as well. I am approximately 90% completed of The RAS In Business. As you can imagine, to produce such a high polished online resource costs tens of thousands of dollars. Some expenses include: copy writing, research and development, narration, design, photography, website development, and the list goes on. 

To cover the costs of the final stages I am partnering up and inviting a select-few entrepreneurs, like you, to be a part of this project.


Please see below the OFFER.


  • The RAS In Business Online Video Resource (10 units) at $497 Each ($4970 Value)

Why 10 copies? These extra 9 units can be given away as gifts to your employees, family, co-workers, friends, etc. 

  • Bonus: Beating Anxiety & Stress Online Video Series (10 Copies) at $397 Each ($3970 Value)

Why 10 copies? These extra 9 units can be given away as gifts to your employees, family, co-workers, friends, etc. 

Total Value: $8940

Your One Time Investment: Only $197

FAQ About This Offer

Q: How much content will be in, The RAS In Business?

A: Approximately 3.5 hours of video content, PDFs, and e-books will make up the content. But of course, the value lies in the information, not the length of the material.

Q: When will I receive my 10 units of each of the products?

A: No later than November 12, 2019.

Q: Why is Jeremy providing this offer for entrepreneurs?

A: Like any good offer, there is a story behind it. To be totally transparent, it took $15 000+ to create this product (not to mention the Beating Anxiety & Stress online resource). Copywriters, designers, coders, animators, photography, research and development, narration, studio time, etc. costs a lot of money. And if you've ever experienced Jeremy's work first-hand, you know he doesn't settle for second best. Jeremy decided to ask some of his entrepreneurial friends and colleagues to join him in this opportunity as he believes it's a win-win. 

Note* This offer is exclusively made to those entrepreneurs that Jeremy knows personally.

Q: I want to take advantage of this offer. How do I pay?

A: Great! You can pay either by clicking the button above/below (we process via Paypal) or just send Jeremy a message with an alternative method. We are easy to get along with! :)

Q: Do I need Paypal to pay for this offer?

A: No. After clicking the button above/below you can either use Paypal or simply use your credit card.